Go a bit south of Luanda and you will find the outstanding Parque Nacional Da Kissama also spelled Quiçama in Portuguese, home to elephants, antelope, exotic birdlife, ostriches, zebras, wildebeest, and giraffes, which are still thriving in great numbers but because tourism is just beginning to start in Angola, it still has a bit of a wild side to it. It is also very beautiful with spectacular views.

Eco Tur run trips there in specialised 4x4 game viewing vehicles, be in the wild and beautiful bush and on the magnificent Kwanza River within 3 hours ! +244 912 501387 / +244 923 601601 / +244 923 602420

Kissama Game Park, a beautiful and enormous national game park just 2 hours south of Luanda recently restocked. Contact Eco Tur who run safaris there in specialist game viewing vehicles / +244 912 501387 / +244 923 601601 / +244 923 602420