Handicrafts are not usually of good quality, though women of Mayotte as well as a few women in Grand Comore make quality baskets. One can buy CD's burned, colorful cloths that women wear 500 KmF for a numbawani and 750 KmF for a finer shawl, beautiful scarves 2,000 KmF, and other imports.

Most handicrafts and tourist curios for sale at Volo Volo market in Moroni are made in Madagascar, and sold by Malagasy expatriates in the market. Local crafts are hard to find, but some are available at CNAC in Itsandra. Unique Comorian gifts can be found in other parts of Volo Volo market. Consider locally grown spices and essential oils, homemade lamps and vegetable peelers, or products made from coconuts.

Do not buy shells from vendors on the beach.


Because the Comoros are isolated islands, prices tend to be more expensive than the rest of East Africa. The cheapest hotels or bungalows in Moroni the most expensive lodging region of the Comoros may cost €20 or as little as 10 if you bargain hard. On the other hand, Hotel Moroni may cost hundreds. Imported goods are cheaper on Grand Comore than Moheli, but fruits and vegetables are cheaper, if less available, on Moheli. Meals in a brochetterie cheap restaurant that serves fried meat and bananas, manioc, taro, or breadfruit may cost up to 1500 KmF 3 euros on Grand Comore and as little as 250 .50 euro on Moheli. Cakes sweet bread sold by women on the street generally cost around 50-100 KmF each. One could get by on around 6,000-10,000 KmF 12-20 euros per day for food and lodging.