For current happenings in Lesotho the weekly Public Eye (http://www.publiceye.co.ls/) newspaper is a good source of info.


Especially at either malealea, semonkong, or at the basotho pony-trekking centre — whether your a seasoned pro at horse riding or a complete novice, pony-trekking is an extremely enjoyable way to see the lesotho countryside! these organized tours give you access to parts of the country which you wouldn't see from your car. the exceptionally sure-footed basotho pony can take you through far-off villages and atop daunting mountains.


In the highlands. contact the department of tourism (http://www.lesotho.gov.ls...), who will find you a guide, and then fly into a completely cut off village and hike your way out, staying in remote villages over night. you can also purchase 1:25,000 topographical maps for about 25lsl from the office of lands, surveys, and physical planning in downtown maseru and do this yourself recommended only for experienced hikers.


€” hit the slopes at oxbow during the winter!