There are many possible accommodation types in reunion: Ordinary hotels; privately run Gîtes d'Étape; Gîtes de Montagne are mountain cabins or lodges located in the central areas appropriate and operated by Reunion Island Tourism Board (; youth hostels are operated by Auberge de jeunesse de la réunion (http://www.auberge-jeunes...) Official site.There are five youth hostels at Réunion Island ; Hell Bourg, Bernica, Entre Deux, Saint Denis and Cilaos.

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"Clin d'Oeil de l'Océan (http://www.clindoeildeloc...)" is situated at Etang Saint Leu near "Saint Gilles les bains"

specific hotels
Hôtel des Palme

Is located some kilometers from the center of saint-gilles les bains on 205, rue du général de gaulle. two-starred with bungalow-type apartments and with swimming pool.