Taxi, taxi-brousse, taxi-clando, car-charette, and transport commun cars rapidesBuslines in Dakar and around Dakar are maintained by SOTRAC Société des Transports en commun de Cap Vert, now managed by a private company and called Dakar Demm Dikk. Car hire is available in Dakar city and airport and sometimes in MBour and Saly Portudal.A list of the car hire companies can be found here: (http://www.annuairesenega...).

The main method of travel around the country is by sept places from French for "seven seats," literally questionable station wagons in which they will pack seven people so that you are basically sitting on the next person's lap throughout the journey. You can also come with a group and rent out an entire sept place, but this will be expensive. If you are obviously a tourist, they will try to rip you off, so make sure to set a price before you agree to a driver. There are set prices to often-travelled locations. The price per seat from Dakar to Ziguinchor, for example, is 9500 CFA.

Keep in mind that if you wish to drive your own car, there are few street signs mostly speed limits and almost all of them are disregarded. Many streets are considered one way, but are never marked as such, and there are almost no stop signs. Heavy traffic areas such as Dakar are best left to experienced drivers and the bold. To get around, one must be willing to dart into traffic, or else, stay stuck at an intersection for a while.

Recently, a new tollway was opened near Dakar that allows you to drive around Rufisque. Especially during peak hours, this is worth the 400 CFA for a regular car, as traffic jams in Rufisque can easily take up to 2 hours.