Band-e Amir

There are 5 lakes, all worth seeing and in close proximity.

If possible try to be up on the road at the top of Band-e Haibat at sunrise in October the ideal time was 6am for some great views and, if the water is calm, some stunning reflections of the surrounding mountains in the lake.

A trail from behind Hotel de Reves leads up the hill, and a 20 minute walk brings you to some stunning views of 2 more of the lakes.

The small mosque-like tomb of Amir looks over Band-e Haibat, and fortunately there are 25 awesome swan peddle boats available for rent here... a good opportunity to intensify the beautiful reflections in the lake.

Behind the tomb of Amir is a women's beach, with a hut built half into the water, allowing women to enjoy a bath in the lake covered from curious views. Taking a bath in the lake is said to cure from diseases though a lot of rubbish in and around the lake lets one fear the opposite.