The large reservoir near Sarobi. This is located on the way to Kabul.

Museum' related to before islam period. This museum is located to the south of Jalalabad city.
Palace (Shahi Qasar)
was used by the former king Zahir Shah as kingdom palace during winter.
Shirzai Stadium
Shirzai lobgharai .
Youth Park
Zwanano Park.
See the main historical bridge, the only source to connect other three provinces to Jalalabad.
Darwanta DAM
Darwanta Dam is very famous for fresh fishes and green envorenment with fresh air.

Women park, youth Park, Fish Hotels/resturatns and All type of dishes are very famous here.

Ghazi Amanullah Khan Town.

Ghazi Amanullah Khan Tomb.

Ameer Shaheed Garden.