Kabul City Center

The Kabul City Center, next to the park, has some very smart shops.

Chicken Street

Is famed for its tourist fare carpets, carvings, knives etc and pirated cd/dvd's.

Finest Super Markets
Opposit Kabul Business centre

Finest Super Market has four branches in Kabul, 1-Wazir Akbar khan 13th street (but this store was blown up on 28 January 2011 killing 8 and leaving several injured, 2- Opposite Kabul Business centre, 3- Kart-e-sai and 4- Kart-e-Parwan. Normally you can find most of your daily needs and has high quality goods.

The Share-e Naw area has some shops.

Roshan Plaza

Has some quite respectable clothes shops.

Chelsea Supermarket

Sells many types of western foods and products.

Supreme Supermarket

On the jalalabad road near the british military base has western products, but currently no alcohol is available. it is not open to afghans. a little further down the road is ciano, an italian commissary. there is frequently a security alert on the jalalabad road.


Seems to cater to ngo's can buy most western products and food. they had turkeys available for christmas this year. also a lot of holiday fixings.

Shah M Book Co
across from Mustafa Hotel

The best bookstore in the city, it's the place to head for your next novel, and also has a good selection of coffee table books and books about Afghanistan. The owner was the subject for the recent book The Bookseller of Kabul. Prices are high, but you'll appreciate his selection.



A few ATMs that accept international cards are scattered around the city, and most dispense both Afghanis and US dollars. However, credit cards are unlikely to work or be accepted anywhere in the city, except a couple of the top end hotels.

Standard Chartered Bank

(http://www.standardcharte...) is in wazir akbar khan.

Afghanistan International Bank (AIB)

(http://www.aib.af/) has a few machines around kabul, including one inside the kabul city center shopping mall. they dispense in afghanis and us dollars, however they are often reluctant to part with any cash and sometimes dispense old, ripped notes.

Kabul Bank

(http://kabulbank.af/html/...) has many branches in the city.

Azizi Bank

(http://www.azizibank.af/) has many branches in the city.

Western Union

(http://www.westernunion.com/) has many branches across the city.

Money Changers

– some people prefer to exchange their money for afghanis through the local money changers that stand on the road. there is no fee to exchange money this way, but make sure you know the exchange rate before attempting this.