Kabul Wall

A pleasant hike with rewarding views over the city. The Kabul City Wall is still is pretty good condition, running west-east from Babar Gardens over to Bala Hissar about 3 km in distance.

Kabul Golf Club
Qargha Road
+93 79 22 63 27
Af 750/$15 greens fee for 9 or 18 holes, or Af15,000/$300 yearly

Closed down in 1978 by the Soviet Union, it reopened in 2004 after a 25 year hiatus. This 9-hole course bills itself as "extreme golf with an attitude".

Ariana Cinema
Pashtunistan Square

Primarily shows Bollywood or trashy action flicks, and the occasional American blockbuster.

Amani High School sports field

Open to the public on Tuesday afternoons and Fridays - football soccer with local Afghan guys, frisbee with a collection of expats and a 400 metre running track in comparatively green and pleasant surroundings. Free.


There are a few swimming pools in the city. The nicest is probably at the Serena, but is a steep $30 to use. UNICA club's swimming pool $5 is very popular, esp. on Fridays, when there is probably as much catwalking as swimming going on. Internationals aka Maple Leaf has a large and often empty pool $7 but it is in a plastic shed rather than outdoors. L'atmosphere also has a pool, again popular on Fridays. Except in private or foreigner-only places, women should not wear anything skimpy especially bikinis.