Mazar-e Sharif

Shrine of Hazrat Ali
Mazar-e Sharif

the blue mosque marks the burial site of ali bin talib, the prophet mohammad's cousin and the fourth caliph of islam. at night the mosque is lit by coloured lights. however, due to many homeless sleeping in the surrounding park, it is not advisable to walk around at this time.

In the way of sights Mazar has little to offer the visitor other than the Blue Mosque - although some of the modern monuments built atop traffic circles are worth a photo.

Ancient Greek


Day trip to Balkh
30 minutes by taxi

If you are in Mazar it is well worth the effort to go to Balkh - there is a good tarred road and the area is considered safe. Best to put aside half a day and make sure you get back to Mazar before sunset.

Mazar is surrounded by beautiful Mountains on two sides.