antique shops

There are several antique shops on the north side of the mosque that sell jewelry, tea pots, old coins, traditional clothing, etc. Be sure and look for Sultan Hamidi 0774282153 in particular - he will happily show off his photograph in the Lonely Planet guidebook, demonstrate any instruments he has for sale, and send you down the block to visit the glassblowers' workshop where many of his wares are made. Bargain hard and in Afghanis!

silk bazaar

There is also a silk bazaar near Chahar Su and the Friday Mosque, where you can watch the weavers at their looms and bargain on scarves and cloth.


money changers

There are money changers near Chowk Gulha and along Bagh-e Azadi, north of the old city.

Western Union

(http://www.westernunion.com), bagh-e azadi, near da afghanistan bank.

Afghanistan International Bank (AIB)

(http://www.aib.af), bagh-e azadi. this location has an atm but is closed on fridays.

Kabul Bank

(http://www.kabulbank.af/) has a branch in herat. it also has western union services.

Bank Alfalah Limited

* herat branch, ground floor, chamber of commerce & industries, herat blood bank street, tel 0093-40-230704