The main site near Armavir is Sardarapat, the site of the monument dedicated to the victory over Turkey, with an attached huge ethnographic museum - the best in Armenia. Aside from that there are the ruins of a few ancient cities, listed below.

Sardarapat Memorial and Museum
about 11km southeast of Armavir city

The looming bell tower overlooking the Turkish border marks the spot where a ragtag army of hungry, poorly armed Armenian refugees won a decisive victory over a Turkish invasion in 1918, saving Armenia. The large ethnographic museum to the side offers an interesting look back at the way Armenians used to live from ancient to modern times.

Metsamor archeological site

This seldom visited site has the excavations from an ancient Armenian city and many of the artifacts are displayed in a museum on site.

Armavir archeological site
about 4km east of Sardarapat, by Nor Armavir Village

You can see some of the ruins and excavations of this ancient Armenian capital.

Yervandashat (Ervandashat) archeological site
right by the border at the end of a long, poor road about 35km from Armavir

Site of excavations of the ancient city of Yervandashat.