By Tourbus

Various tourbuses may be arranged ahead of time in Yerevan. They typically have tight schedules leaving you little time to explore the hidden gems in and around Garni.

By Marshrutka Or Bus

Marshrutkas and the village transport buses not to be confused with the marshrutkas or city buses are the most affordable way to get to Garni but are definitely not the fastest or the most comfortable option. The minibuses and village buses leave from Yerevan typically every 30 minutes or until they have reached their full capacity. Stops are made at the villages of Garni, Goght and Geghard. Drivers wait 15-20 minutes at Goght after dropping off all of the passengers, then head back to Yerevan making stops along the way and at Garni to pick up more passengers.

By taxi
By taxi

Taxis are the quickest way to get to and from Garni. They can be picked up in Yerevan and will cost on average AMD 2,000-2,500 to get there depending on the driver.