ski lifts

The lifts in Tsaghkadzor are all owned by the same man behind Kotayk Brewery. He replaced the old Soviet lifts a few years ago, and added new ones, while having some new runs developed as well. There are basically three levels of lifts. The first one is near the parking lot, where you'll also find a Jezzve cafe and a Tifosi pizzeria. This lift has seats seating 4 people, and takes you to the bigger staging area. From here there are two lifts you can choose, or you can hang out in the cafe/food joint on this level - which can get quite smoky. The first lift you see will take you further up the mountain, and gives you a couple of good run options, or allows you to take a a third lift to the very top. Otherwise, you can go a little past the first lift below it and take another lift which goes to the newest skiing areas.

All seats can be paid for by-the-ride, which is very cheap, or by the day if you plan to do a lot of skiing. Skis can be rented in the parking lot, or at the second level under the cafe/restaurant, but quality varies widely, and the better ones may be gone by mid morning. Getting skis from a hotel may be a better option.