Night clubs

night clubs
Cherry Club
Tumanyan st

Leningradyan street

night clubs
Ego Club

On kuryun street, citadel business center area

night clubs
72 Teryan St.

Sayat-nova street

night clubs
Northern Ave.

Northern avenue

night clubs
Tornado Club

Brand-new huge club in bangladesh area

night clubs


night clubs
Champs-Élysées Club

On northern avenue

night clubs

Yerevan Night Life is famous for its Strip Clubs

night clubs
Dinoul Club

Baghramyan strret

night clubs

Large set of karaoke clubs

night clubs
Western Pub

Tumanyan street

night clubs

In Yerevan there are plenty of Night Clubs, Pubs, Karaoke and Strip Clubs especially in downtown.

Locals' and tourists' favourite night clubs are:

night clubs

This is a brief list of famous clubs in Yerevan.

Armenia itself is a place to drink, with no prohibition against drinking in public. Cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs and the countryside on a picnic are all popular places for vodka, the usual drink of choice, with wine, beer, champagne and brandy all popular as well. You can even drink in a car – as long as you’re not driving. Drivers cannot have a drop of alcohol in them, with Zero being the legal threshold – and the penalties for violating this are stiff.

drinks to try

Cognac – see the buy section above.

Homemade fruit vodkas – these are not flavored from fruit like most of the western vodkas, they are actually made from pure fruit. The most popular is the Tutti Oghi Mulberry Vodka, but just as impressive if you can find them are the Cornelian Cherry Hon, Pear, Apricot and Peach.

Wine – Areni grapes are only grown in Armenia, which is in the oldest grape and wine producing part of the world. Old Yerevan is the best brand.

Compote – if you can get it, this usually home made fruit juice is fantastic. Ask locals, and if some of them have it at home, they will drag you in to try.

Tan – blended plain yogurt with water and a dash of salt, this drink is often an acquired taste, and very refreshing. It’s a healthy alternative to soda, so give it a try. You can sometimes find bottled fizzy tan, which is an even more acquired taste!

places for a drink

The most popular places to drink in the summer tend to be outdoor cafes and café/restaurants. The cafes by the Opera and Republic Square are always packed.

Cheers Pub Yerevan 3, Abovyan Street is the most popular bar for tourists, locals and the ex-pat community. Cool drinks, great music and friendly/multilingual staff.

Bars such as Tro's Pub Saryan 5 St., Troll Pub (, Rock Bar Parpetsi are popular spots with visitors. Dolce Vita bar of Hotel Yerevan Golden Tulip, 14 Abovian open round the clock.

Popular nightclubs are mainly in the center, with longtime standby’s such as Atlantic, Relax, Astral and Club One usually full on the weekends.

Like mentioned before, "Jazzve Cafe" is also a wonderful place to meet up with someone For a drink make sure to try is wonderful strawberry coffee as that is a drink like no other!

There is also a little place called DIY, on Parpetsi street. Its fun, funky, innovative, alternative and a place to drink, have fun, make music and meet people from every background.