Tufenkian Restaurant
Sharambeyan Street

There is a Tufenkian Restaurant on Sharambeyan Street, with rustic modern Tufenkian furniture, and upscale Armenian menus and prices.

Getap Restaurant

A few minutes north of Dilijan, along the river is the restaurant/hotel complex of Getap meaning riverside. Great traditional wooden eating booths outdoors, some of them over the river serve as the perfect setting for fresh fish, meat or vegetable barbecues. Prices are pretty reasonable.

Haghartsin restaurant-hotel-bar complex
Kamo street, 121
+374 268 2 777 0, mobile: +374 77 636565
the first building at the entrance of Dilijan town, to the right on the way from Yerevan, just after the last turn from the tunnel

It's a pleasant and quiet place near the road from Yerevan to Ijevan, with large guarded car and bus parking. Here You can taste national cuisine in a modern and stylish restaurant hall, banquet room, summer cafe or cozy gazebos among trees. Also there's a bar and a hotelsee Sleep.

just below the bus station

A modern shawerma fast-food joint, with rotisserie meat served in a pita or lavash sandwich. Cheap and fast food.

Georgian food
Just above Sharambeyan Street, overlooking the valley

There's a Georgian restaurant in town, with good food and soups. Prices are low, menus are not in English, and the space is a former Soviet cafe. Khingali dumplings are 2 or 3 to the US dollar... and they are not small.