Gyulagarak Village
4 miles south of village

The family caretakers have managed to make a serene landscape here, with interesting plants from different parts of the world. A nice place for walking and relaxing if you're in the area for a few days.

Lori Berd Fortress
cross river from main part of town, turn right, go 4.5km

Once a huge bastion on a piece of land that juts out surrounded by rivers, and protected by cliffs. Enough of the walls remain to show what massive fortifications once stood here, and enough of the ceramic underground piping to know they had hot water long before modern times.

Hnevank Monastery

Very far down the Dzoraget River, approaching where it hits the Debed Canyon, Hnevank is a nice monastery with interesting black and cream stone patterns, which has undergone recent renovations.

Sverdlov Village Church
Sverdlov Village
10km north of Stepanavan

A cute old Russian church.

Khuchapi Monastery
12-15 km east northeast of Privolnoye Village

A stunning monastery that is almost impossible to access via Armenia road goes through Georgia, a hiker could make it to this gorgeous piece of architecture on foot, and would be amply rewarded by the soaring architecture, the stairwells inside the walls, the carvings, the colors of the stone, the setting...

Khorakert Monastery
5km east of Khuchapi

If you make it as far as Khuchapi, you'd be crazy not to continue your hike to Khorakert, a beautiful monastery in a lush forest setting, with a masterpiece of a cupola unique to Armenian architecture!