Train Station

If you want to get a taste of the Soviet Union, head to the train station right by the Russian Church. Classic Soviet architecture of its time, which has remained virtually untouched since the collapse of the USSR. The train which used to connect Vanadzor with all of Eastern Europe and the world, now only gets you as far as Tbilisi, so the crowds are gone, but the shell is still there.

Russian Church

The Russian Church is right next to the train station, and if you take a Marshutni to Vanadzor, this is where you'll likely start your visit. It is a very nice old church with a golden dome.

Karakilisa Church

Known popularly as Karakilisa meaning Black Church in Turkish, this very old black and orange stone Armenian church by the river on the north end of town is one of the nicest examples of historic architecture in Vanadzor.