In town there's a church, a market, the Axel Bakunts Museum and some other minor sites. On the edges of town are some great rock formations which are great for photographers, both from near or far.

Old Khndzoresk Cave Village

A couple villages east of Goris is the village of Khdzoresk, and under it, in a gorge pocked with caves is Old Khndoresk. Until a few decades ago, people lived in those caves still, and this was an active cave village - so be careful who you call a caveman around here!

Tatev Monastery
30 km southwest of Goris

Not so far from Goris on the map, but a seeming eternity on the bad road is the stunning Monastery of Tatev, on an 850 meter high cliff. All this above a natural land bridge, springs, a cavern in an underground river and you've got yourself an unforgettable place. Even though the bus trip 1 1/2 h, around 2 pm next to the post office in Goris, light blue bus; you can also ask the driver for accommodation in Tatev as he is a local villager is an adventure in itself, you can try to get to the village Halidzor and use the presumably longest ropeway in the world up to Tatev. You better don't ask taxi drivers for it as they will propose you to take you themselves to Tatev by car. If you will do so, try to catch a four-wheel ATV with Soviet shock absorbers.

Bgheno-Noravank Monastery
16km south of Goris

A couple of kilometers off the main highway is the little known and less visited monastery of Bgheno Noravank. Easy to miss the turnoff, and just consisting of a couple of chambers, it's a good spot for a break if you're on a long drive.

Tsitsernavank Monastery
8km north of the Karabakh entry checkpoint - without entering!

A very ancient monastery that's undergone recent renovation.