Soak in the waters!

Although those places that have the hot water facilities tend to keep you in bathtubs, with soviet nurses running around, it's a cool experience, and that is after all what made jermuk famous.

Water Gallery

Is what the arcade with different temperatures of hot mineral water coming out of pipes in the wall is called. try the different temperatures, which are supposed to be good for different ailments.


Lots of great hiking opportunities abound, so enjoy them.

Good news for the fans of active rest: Jermuk now boasts a new cable car ropeway meeting international standards, which enables the mountain-skiers to enjoy the professional ski-runs. At the last stop of the ropeway a special playground is built for riding sledges. Snowmobiles are available as well.


Reports of ski lifts being installed have been rampant for years, but so far, no skiing.