Christmas Island

It is difficult for non-locals to find employment on Christmas Island. The largest employers on the island are the small scale phosphate mining and federal/local government.

The most common way of obtaining employment on Christmas Island for non-locals is to check government positions advertised on the Australian mainland Federal Government Employment Gazette, there are occasionally posting for teachers on several years contract from Australia.

National Parks, Federal Police and positions related to the Detention Center are occasional advertised on Newspaper and Government Gazette.

Also check ( online for posting at Christmas Island.

Christmas Island District High School is the main school on the island, Year 1 to Year 10 is taught based on the Western Australian Curriculum.

View the spectacular world famous Christmas Island Red Crab Migration during the December - February months.

Diving or Snorkeling off the 'Drop Off' at Flying Fish Cove

Whale Shark Watching

Game Fishing on chartered boat

Rock Fishing

Caving Warning - Seek local advice before setting out to any caves

4- Wheel Driving, known locally as 'Bush bashing'

Mountain Biking

Relax by the beach or on the patio with a cold beer

Duty Free cheap drinks at numerous bars and taverns on the island

Historical Trail Self Tours