Cocos Islands

A local bus service from West Island Settlement to the jetty operates approximately 20 minutes prior to the departure of the ferry to Home Island. On Saturday the ferry diverts to Direction Island to allow tourists and locals access to this remote paradise. The ferry returns in the afternoon to return you to West Island. Timetables are available from the Tourism office or the Duty Free Shop.

A Car Rental
+61 8 9162 7646
Contact Geof Christie for availability and rates
Cocos Autos
+61 8 9162 7661

Cocos Autos offers visitors to Cocos Keeling Islands an extensive and diverse range of vehicles. Choose from Dual and Single Cab Utes, Dual Cab 4WD’s or a 17 seater bus. Baby seats and booster seats are also available.

AW & KJ James Car Hire
+61 8 9162 7717
Quality vehicles available for hire. Contact Ash or Kylie for availability and rates.
Cocos Surf Shop
In the Airport Complex
+61 8 9162 6768