Accommodations in Iran range from luxurious, if a little weary, five star hotels هتل in major cities to the small, cheap mosāferkhuneh مسافرخانه and mehmānpazir مهماﻧپذیر guesthouses that are littered about most centres. Moreover, staff in mosāferkhuneh often are so happy to provide room for non-Iranians, as these facilities have a recommendation from local governments to serve all tourists. For longer stays, villas with all facilities including central air conditioning, pool and Internet connection can be rented in Tehran and all other major cities at reasonable prices.note that a woman & a man cant share a hotel room unless they proof their relationship married couple or siblings although foreign tourists are usually excepted from this law.also you can find traditional hotels in central Iran includes Esfahan, Shiraz and in particular Yazd.