Israel is host to a huge variety of accommodation options, from camping and hostels through to 5-star luxury hotels. Accommodation in Israel is similar to Western standards in general both in terms of price and what you can expect as service. Hotels in Israel do not currently possess star ratings, so beware that where these are seen, they are awarded by the hotels themselves. A good way of finding good hotels in Israel is by looking through reviews on websites such as Tripadvisor, although the links below act as good starting points.

The Israel Hotel Association IHA ( is the umbrella organization for Israel's hotels and also represents them. About 350 hotels, from Metulla in the North to Eilat in the South, are members of the IHA.

Israel Youth Hostel Association (http://www.youth-hostels....) runs a thriving network of youth hostels.

ILH - Israel Hostels ( a network of 40 independent hostels, guesthouses and lodges designed for independent travelers.

A large number of kibbutzim ( now include bed and breakfast accommodation amongst their activities.

A number of private residencies popular in northern communities offer a room to let commonly known as "zimmer", from the German word for room.

Israel has a number of 3-4 star hotel chains.