Shinagawa travel guide

Where to eat in Shinagawa, Japan

Devi Corner

  • 3-24-21 Takanawa

Excellent Indian cuisine.


Sandwiches on real baguettes.


Select from a wide range of onigiri with interesting fillings like squid and kimchee, miso or shoyu grilled riceballs, or even ones wrapped in Indian naan and baked.

You don't even have to leave the station to treat yourself to a wide range of affordable restaurants. Inside the ticket barrier you can find:


  • 7AM-10PM

If you are making an early departure for Kamakura or points south pick up sandwiches to go

Near the West or Takanawa Exit


Fast food chain with Japanese style food.

Near the East or Konan Exit adjacent to the Shinkansen ticket gates


Authentic Izakaya style restaurant with English language menu.


Collection of noodle restaurants from the "7 Masters of Ramen".

Tsukemen Tetsu

There are a cluster of quality noodle shops just south of the west exit, nestled under the roadway. Quite a variety of donburi, ramen, etc, some with lines at lunchtime and some without.


(Ginza Since 1930)

  • Cost really depends on how hungry you are; a light meal is likely to be Â¥3000, but stuffing yourself could run to Â¥7000

This is an excellent Japan-Korean barbeque, with seafood and vegetarian options. Several waitstaff speak impeccable English.

Ushio Sushi Bar

Cheap sushi by the piece or in sets. There is a bilingual menu and instruction sheet to help you with ordering and payment. There is also a quick take-out window to grab something for the road.

Atre New York Style

A collection of restaurants grouped around a Queen Isetan grocery. Dean & Deluca, on the second floor, has a take-out sandwich and coffee bar which is convenient for supplies to get you through a long Shinkansen ride. The fourth floor has the Lounge Foodium restaurant complex including Grand Central Oyster Bar.

Beer Restaurant

This is a good, authentic yakatori joint quite popular with Japanese commuters. They also have horse sashimi, something you're unlikely to encounter elsewhere.

Tikka & Biryani

Has excellent Indian Mughal Biryani.


A small food court and take out restaurants featuring a couple of dozen food stands and bakery or sweet shops on the first level. This is also a very comfortably air-conditioned place to wait for a train connection. There are three full-service restaurants on the upper level. A few examples include:

Royal Host

Popular "family restaurant" chain with surprisingly good coffee but little else that stands out.


(Ginza Since 1930)

Tsubame is famous for its "hamburg" dish. Contrary to belief, lunch special only costs 1150 yen (about $10) - a bargain for the excellent quality of food. The "hamburg" dish comes piping hot covered completely in an aluminum foil.