Failaka Island
3 KD
take KPTC ferry from Ras Al Salmiya (Ras al Ardh) near scientific center or private speedboat near Marina Mall

A port with many old dhows, Failaka Island can be reached by regular ferry services. There are also some Bronze Age and Greek archaeological sites well worth viewing, including the island's Greek temple. Failaka Island was named Ikarus by the Greeks who, under Alexander the Great, established an outpost in the island.

Kazmah desert cliffs
go on Road 80, turn right to Road 801 to Bubiyan, take first exit and turn left

Being one of the few elevations in the Kuwaiti desert these cliffs allow a good view on the bay if the visibility is good. A lot of young Kuwaitis come here on weekends to challenge their Jeeps and Quads uphill.

go north on Road 801, west on Road 70 or south on road 306

Although the city keeps growing Kuwait is still largely a vast and uninhabited desert. Going away from the city many roads will take you to places where there is nothing but sand and sand. Certainly this is the excitement you'd look for every weekend in the winter, it's still a nice experience once if you are visiting in the summer.

Mina Al Ahmadi

Mina Al Ahmadi, lying 19km 12 miles south of Kuwait City, is an oil port with immense jetties for supertanker traffic. The Oil Display Center pays homage to the work of the Kuwait Oil Company Reservations needed

See Kuwait City for listings of attractions in the city.Kuwait is not the ideal vacation spot in the region, but if on a business trip, there are some sites worth seeing