A handful of private schools, such as the Lycée Français several branches over the country, the Collège Protestant Français (http://www.cpf.edu.lb) ,Collège Saint Joseph Antoura (http://www.college-antour...)ée Abdel Kader, college notre dame de jamhour and college elysee amongst others follow the official French curriculum. The official French Baccalaureate exams can be taken in Lebanon.

Some schoolssuch as "ACS"teach English as a first language and follow the english curriculum.

Beirut is also home to one of the most prestigious schools in the region, the International CollegeIC which teaches both french and english as first languages among many others.Furthermore, IC offers a variety of baccalaureate programs such as the French,Lebanese,High School, and International BaccalaureatIB.

The American University of Beirut - AUB (http://www.aub.edu.lb) is considered the best English university in Middle East. The teaching language there is English.Other anglophone private universities are: Antonine University - UPA (http://www.upa.edu.lb) | Notre Dame University - NDU (http://www.ndu.edu.lb) | Lebanese American University - LAU (http://www.lau.edu.lb) ...

Some private universities have French as the main teaching language. Université St.Joseph - USJ (http://www.usj.edu.lb) is one of these, it is an old and respected institution in Lebanon, and probably offers the best price/quality ratio among private universities in the country. It is the private university which has enrolled most of the Lebanon students as well as foreign students from other countries in Middle East, Africa and Europe. Other francophone private universities are USEK and Balamand.

The Lebanese University is the state owned / public university and is the largest learning institution in the country. It offers virtually free tertiary education.


Lebanon has six ski resorts with groomed slopes, catering to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Beyond the ski-able domains await you kilometers of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails waiting to be explored; Lebanon has something for everyone. Each of the ski resorts has a different flavor.


Lebanon is one of the oldest sites of wine production in the world and today enjoys a burgeoning industry producing award-winning wines for export throughout the world, mainly in the UK, Europe and the United States. Wine Tasting is an absolute must with any visit to Lebanon. Below are some wine producers in Lebanon for you to keep an eye out for: - - * Chateau Musar (http://www.chateaumusar.c...) - * Chateau Ksara (http://www.ksara.com.lb/) - * Chateau Kefraya (http://www.chateaukefraya.com/) - * Domaine Wardy (http://www.domaine-wardy.com/) - * Vin Héritage (http://www.vinheritage.com/) - * Chateau Fakra (http://www.chateaufakra.com/) - * Chateau Nakad (http://www.winenakad.com/) - * Massaya (http://www.massaya.com/) - * Domaine des Tourelles (http://www.domainedestour...) - * Clos Saint Thomas (http://www.closstthomas.com/) - * Cave Kouroum (http://www.cavekouroum.com/) - * Clos de Cana (http://www.closdecana.com/) - * Nabise Mont Liban (http://www.nabise.com/) - * Enotica - * Chateau Khoury (http://www.chateaukhoury.com/) - * Couvent St. Sauveur