This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget Under US$100
Mid-range US$100-300
Splurge Over $300

Aside from the capital Male, there are no hotels in the Maldives, only resorts. Most resorts take up their own island 1500x1500m to 250x250m, meaning that the ratio of beach to guests must be one of the best in the world and it is hard to imagine that you would ever have to struggle to find your own private piece of beach to relax on. Many have a "no shoes" policy and with such soft sands it is easy to love this idea.

The range and themes or the resorts is impressive, and most people will find one they like. Broadly speaking, however, they can be grouped into three brackets:

Dive resorts

Designed primarily for divers. geared expressly for people who want to spend most of their time underwater, facilities on land are limited, but the house reef is usually excellent. often found in the more far-flung parts of the archipelago.

Holiday resorts

Designed primarily for families. these are large and have a full complement of facilities multiple restaurants, day-care centers, etc, but don't have over-the-top luxury and have less privacy. most of these are located on kaafu, with easy access from male.

Luxury resorts

Designed primarily for honeymooners and the jet set. the place to be if you want designer furniture, gourmet food and a plasma tv in an overwater villa reachable only by rowboat, and are willing to pay top dollar for the privilege.