Is a clear liquid, similar to tequila in alcohol content. it is usually brewed "in house", resulting in a variation in its taste and strength. this is by far the least expensive drink in the country. it is often served on special occasions in small, unbaked clay cups that hold less than a shot. it works great as a mixer in juice or soda. note that it may appear on menus as "nepali wine".


nepali or chyaang tibetan is a cloudy, moderately alcoholic drink sometimes called nepali beer". while weaker than raksi, it will still have quite an effect. this is often offered to guests in nepali homes, and is diluted with water. for your safety, be sure to ask your guests if the water has been sanitized before drinking this beverage.


Production in nepal is a growing industry. some local beers are now also exported, and the quality of beer has reached to quite international standards international brands are popular in the urban areas.


Can pretty much only be found in kathmandu and pokhara's tourist areas. there you can get watered-down "two for one drinks" at a variety of pubs, restaurants, and sports bars.


Is a tea drink with added milk and also sometimes containing ginger and spices such as cardamom.


Salty tea made with milk and butter - only available in areas inhabited by tibetans, sherpas and a few other himalayan people.

Herbal teas

Most herbal teas are made from wild flowers from the solu khumbu region. in kathmandu, these teas are generally only served in high class establishments or those run by sherpas from the solu khumbu.