Because of ongoing conflict in this area of the world, travellers should take notice of travel advisories issued by various embassies before undertaking travel here. Security concerns result in travel between Israel and the Palestinian Territories being tightly controlled on occasions. Travellers should ensure that their travel documentation is entirely in order and should monitor local news channels in case the security situation changes suddenly.

A few hints for a successful trip:

Contrary to recent years, most Palestinian cities are at present relatively safe. Regardless, in some areas or at particular times such as weddings, gunfire can be heard. This appears to be becoming less and less common, however. Also, bear in mind that fireworks are popular in the cities, and it is possible that what you are hearing is not gunfire at all. Unfortunately however, Gaza remains to be extremely unsafe with near daily terrorist activity and travel is not recommended.

Always bring a COPY of your passport along with your original and hide the copy in your hotel room.

Both Israeli and Palestinian security services may ask for ID, so carry your passport at all times.

Show respect at places of worship - take off your shoes. Women shouldn't come into a mosque without covering their heads. It is not usually necessary to cover your face.

As a foreigner you are likely to be noticed and many people will call to you as you walk around. This is almost always friendly and well-intentioned although you should be cautious at night, as in any city.

Consider hiring a local tour guide/translator who will also keep you out of trouble.

Beware of local water, including ice cubes - bottled is the way to go.

Common sense goes a long way.

Use caution around political rallies. You might get hurt from stones, tear gas etc. Unless you are traveling specifically for this reason, keep your distance from political demonstrations.