Alcohol is only available in bars attached to international hotels such as the Ramada, W Hotel, Grand Hyatt, the Ritz-Carlton, etc. Bars are now required that patrons show identification at the door, so tourists will need to keep their passport on them when visiting these establishments. Crystal Lounge and Waham at the W Hotel and Skyview Bar and La Cigale are some of the places favoured by local expats. There is an excellent Irish pub with frequent live music in the basement of the Sheraton on the Corniche near City Centre Mall.

To purchase alcohol outside these bars, you must have a Residence Permit and apply for a alcohol licence. When you have that, you can purchase a certain amount of alcohol each month equalling 10% of your salary from one bottle shop on the outskirts of town know as Qatar Distribution Company QDC.

It is not permitted to bring alcohol into the country and customs at Doha airport will confiscate any alcohol they find - all bags are X-rayed and a receipt is issued for you to reclaim your goods when you leave the country.

Soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages are readily available.