Saudi Arabia

Fast food

fast food

Fast food is a huge business in Saudi Arabia, with all the usual suspects McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway and not a few chains that rarely venture outside America elsewhere e.g. Hardee's/Carl's Jr., Little Caesars. Meals invariably served with fries and Coke cost SR10-20. Some local imitators worth checking out include:

fast food

Fried chicken- in jeddah, makkah and madinah, but not riyadh

fast food

Pizza thin crust and quite good, fried chicken, lasagna, sandwiches

fast food
Herfy Burger

( - biggest fast food chain in the country, 100% saudi owned

fast food
House of Donuts

"the finest american pastries" - a chain started by saudi students who studied in america

fast food

Cheaper yet are the countless curry shops run by and for Saudi Arabia's large Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi community, which serve up large thali platters of subcontinental fare for under SR10. Just don't expect frills like air-conditioning.

local cuisine

Chicken or mutton cooked with rice in a pot suspended above a fire.