Sri Lanka

The currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee. The exchange rates are approximately 115Rs/ USD, 159Rs/ EUR or 183Rs/GBPThe exchange rate for dollar everywhere is 110LR/USD, hotels its 109/USD and only in casinos they give 115/USD which generally they give in the form of chips in the play tables. There are coins for 25 and 50 cents bronze, 1 rupee old version is big and silver, new version is small and gold, 2 rupees silver, and 5 rupees gold, as well as banknotes ranging from 10- 5000 rupees. Coins that are more than a few years old are typically in quite bad condition.

Handicrafts Of Sri Lanka. For reed, cane, cotton, paper, leather, wood, clay, metal, and gemstones have been transformed and re-expressed in a array of batiks, toys, curios and jewelery, all exquisite hand made treasures.

credit cards and atms

ATMs are located in many places especially at bank branches in the cities and suburbs, less so in the countryside. Be careful of using credit cards, as fraud is on the rise in Sri Lanka. You can withdraw from debit cards too Cirrus, Maestro, Visa Electron etc where the logos are displayed. Mostly your card will be replaced by your bank once you go back to your country