Somoni TJS, Tajik: cомонӣ is the national currency. As of December, 2009, US$ 1 roughly equals to 4.38 somoni, while € 1 equals to 6.60 somoni.

Traditional Tajik padded coats. Comfortable and perfect for the colder weather in the mountains. The ensemble can be completed with a hat and sash.

Mercedes Benz approx. $US 7,000 cars and Land Cruisers from Dushanbe's Sunday Car Market. Also available: Russian cars, jeeps, minivans, and an assortment of other models.

Vodka. Ruski Standard is the best one by far.

Rugs and carpets. The good ones are imported from Afghanistan or Uzbekistan.

Food in Tajikistan is a cross between that of Central Asia and that of Afghanistan & Pakistan along with a bit of Russian influence. If you like Russian food, you will probably have a good culinary experience. If you find Russian food bland, you may have a rough time here.