Liwa Oasis

There are two roads from the north leading to the oasis region. The main road branches off the E11 motorway near Tarif. From there on it is about an hour drive passing Madinat Zayed on a well maintained, four-lane paved road.

Settlements in the oasis region are lined up on the only big road like a pearls on a string. If you arrive from Tarif the road ends in Mezaira'a, at the center of the area.

At the eastern end of the oasis region a new road connects straight back to the E11 motorway close to Abu Dhabi. Though it is wide and well maintained, at only two lanes speed limits are set to 80 kph, vs. 120 kph on the main road.

There are several ADNOC gas stations in Liwa, one new station on the road in from Madinat Zayed, and some older-style stations along the road through the oasis. They are not well signposted, keep an eye out for the white 'fort' that used to be characteristic of ADNOC stations.