Liwa Oasis

The most impressive dune in the Emirates, Moreeb dune or Tal Mireb, is south of the other settlements, and though most of the year there are no events there, the way to the dune makes it worth visiting anytime. Few cars use the road as virtually nobody lives along it. You will bump into more camels than people. In addition it is one of the roads where very few trees and overland power lines spoil the view across the dunescape.

To get to Tal Mireb road follow the brown signs as shown in the picture. Markers can be found along the main road as well as the roundabouts in Mezzaira'a. It's a one mile drive to the road from the main roundabout in Mezzaira'a. The dune itself is about 25 km along the road, be sure to have petrol for the round trip, as the road is hilly.