There are two national drinks of Uzbekistan: tea and vodka result of more than a century of Russian domination of the land.


Is served virtually everywhere: home, office, cafes, etc. uzbek people drink black tea in winter and green tea in summer, instead of water. if tea is served in the traditional manner, the server will pour tea into a cup from the teapot and then pour the tea back into the teapot. this action is repeated three times. these repetitions symbolize loy clay which seals thirst, moy grease which isolates from the cold and the danger and tchai tea or water which extinguishes the fire. if you are being served tea in an uzbek home, the host will attempt at all times to make sure your cup is never filled. if the host fills your cup, it probably means that it is time for you to leave, but this occurs really rarely, because uzbeks are very hospitable. the left hand is considered impure. the tea and the cups are given and taken by the right hand.

A mind-numbing variety of brands of wine and vodka are available almost everywhere.


Produced in uzbekistan has won numerous international prestigious awards for a high quality. there's nothing to wonder about, since sun in this country shines almost every day. although uzbekistan is predominately muslim, for the most part the islam practiced there tends to be more cultural than religious.


Is available in every shop and is treated as soft drink and does not require any license to sell. there are special licensed shops selling vodka, wine and other drinks. russian made vodka is available in only few shops.


Is an alcoholic mares' milk.

Visitors should consider tap water to be unsafe to drink in regions, while in capital of Uzbekistan the water is safe for drinking. In any case drinking bottled water is advised.


In Tashkent there are various night dance clubs and restaurants. They usually work till late night/early morning. Take enough cash because drinks and snacks are much more expensive than in daytime restaurants.Also you can find overnight Uzbek "chill-out" restaurants where you enjoy traditional food laying on large wooden sofas tapchans/suri.It is not recommended to hang out on the street or parks after 11 p.m. Even if you do not face problems with criminals you definitely attract unwanted interest of local policemilitsiya patrolling the area.