You have two places to go out at night, Havana Beach Bar (http://www.havana-events.com) and Cafe del Mare Pub, the best choices on the Ionian Coast, well known amongst Albanians. In fact, Havana Beach Bar is so popular that in summer, most of the Albanian young members of the government, go there including the Minister of Transport Olldashi, Minister of Integration Majlinda Bregu, former minister of Culture Blendi Klosi, a lot of MP's, and a lot of singers, models, and Big Brother stars

From Panorama you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dhermi during the day and the night.

Dhermi is full of nice modern cafes and bars, a coffee costs around 50 euro cents, and a cola around 1 euro, a beer around 1-2 euro, and a drink 2-4 euro. But be careful when family shopping because buying in the centre of Dhermi is far more expensive than buying in the village, where old women sell what they grow on their balconies - usually called "veranda" in Albanian)