By bus
By bus

Buses/furgons between Shkodra and Tirana leave approximately every hour. The 2 hour, 116km journey costs 500 leke [Aug 2011].

From Ulcinj in Montenegro, buses cost €8 and leave at 0600 and 1230. If not available, you can take a taxi to the border at Muriquani €10 and after crossing the border, take another taxi to Ulcinj €8. However return ticket from Shkodra to Ulcinj costs €5 and buses leave at 0900 and 1600 from the city center fountain.

From Podgorica, take public buses to Tuzi, then hire a taxi either to the border or to Shkodra.

Minibuses to/from Hani i Hotit the Montenegro border on the way to Podgorica run around 300 Lek. Taxis for this journey cost €15.

From Kosovo, minibuses from Gjakova meet the ferry across spectacular Lake Koman from Fierze to Koman where minibuses are available to Shkodra. If minibuses doing the full trip are not available it depends on demand, go to Bajram Curri first and arrange the trip from there.