By plane: There is no airport in VloreBy bus: you can take a bus from the main bus station in TiranaBy taxi: By boat: from Bari with a ferryboatBy car, you have some itineraries:If you are in Tirana, follow the way: Tirana-Durres-Kavaje-Rrogozhine-Lushnje-Fier-Vlore. The roadway is pretty good.From Macedonia, you can follow: Qafe Thane-Librazhd-Elbasan-Rrogozhine-Lushnje-Fier-VloreFrom Greece, you can take three ways: i Kakavi-Gjirokaster-Tepelene-Vlore; or ii Kakavi-Gjirokaster-Qafe e Muzines-Sarande-Vlore; or iii Qafe Bote-Sarande-Dhermi-Vlore. The last itinerary is the shortest