Albanian Alps

To access the mountains, you can enter from the north - west from Shkoder through the village of Bogë where public transportation stops, the asphalted road also stops which continues to Thethi. In the summer there are various vehicles continuing to Theth and it's possible to hitch a ride. Walking is not recommended; it is 25 km to Thethi, with little water, and on a narrow road with hairpin curves that sees a fair amount of traffic.

It is easier although also quite long to head up the beautiful Valbonë valley from Bajram Curri. There are minibuses from Bajram Curri to Valbonë, and almost to the last village in the valley, Rrogami. The minibuses stop at the end of the road, about 4km from Rrogami. The road is only paved a short way out of Bajram Curri, however, this road is currently being improved 2010.