Albanian Alps

Apart from the hotels in nearby cities like Bajram Curri and Shkoder, there are a number of traditional village guesthouses that are becoming increasingly popular with international tourists. It is easy to find people willing to accommodate you or let you camp in their garden. Among those who speak English or Italian and are accustomed to foreign tourists, a price of around 20 euros is common, and includes breakfast and dinner. Sometimes locals don't mention paying until you are leaving in the morning, which is not the best moment to bargain the price. So be sure you make everything clear when you arrive.

In addition to homestays, there are also a number of hostels/guesthouses in the villages of Albanian Alps.

Hotel Kelmendi
355 42 227 121
€ 20

This traditional guest house is a ten minute walk outside the village of Lepushe, one of the northernmost villages of the Albanian Alps

Marash Pllumbaj Guesthouse
€ 20

A family home and guesthouse typical of the northern Alps region. Very close to the border of Montenegro