Water resources

The Shaga and Kapresa rivers are rich of spreckled trout. In the icy lake of Terthora, rich in various kinds of fashion, alpine triton is found.Waterfall of Thethi is the most beautiful place of the north alpine land. The scenery is amazing especially when there is a lot of sun, as the clear drops of water dismantle the rays of sun, forming the rainbow.


Thethi is a scenic village that became a tourist resort and one of the most preferred places for alpinism in Albania. Together with Razma, it composes the most frequented center in the North Albania. They function during all the year. Thethi village is surrounded by a mountain range, which offers a peculiar beaty along the sun set. The highest peaks are: Rodohina Mountain 2596 m; Harapi Mountain 2216 m; Populka Mountaun 2600 m and Alia Mountain 2400 m.

Flora and fauna

As mentioned above, here you can get impressed because of the rich vegetation in the forests, like: beech trees which dominate the area, the black pine, the maple wood, the ash nut, the cornel bush, the walnut, the hazel tree, etc. The vegetation of this area has great economic, medica, touristic and monumental values. Thethi is considered as a natural zoological garden. The environment offers suitable conditions for wild life like: the wild goat, the bear, the roebuck, the boar, and small animals like: rabbits, harew, hedgehog, etc. Thethi is also a preferred place for wild birds, especially Eagles, the national symbol, as well as the falcons, the pigeons, the partridges, , the hedge cock, etc.


Thethi has a surface of 2630 hectares, where high mountains, woods and meadows dominate. It has a stratecig geographic position, because through Peja Pass it gets connected with Peja and the other Kosovo regions, and through Valbona it is connected with Tropoja. Thethi is connected to Boga and Kelmendi through many valleys and footpaths.