Gjirokastër is known for its Qifqi baked dish made of rice, egg, and seasonings. The city is also well known for its dairy products, especially its white cheese.

There are a number of well established restaurants in Gjirokastër catering to travellers and the local crowd.

Old town

Fantazia – specializes in pizza and salad, but offers traditional Albanian fare, good views of the city.

Kujtim's – serves a wide variety of Gjirokastrian specialties.

The newly renovated Çajupi Hotel's Terrace Restaurant,

The Byrek Shop

Mṳo's Sufla̤ & Restaurant РGood omelets in the morning

Hajri's Coffee Bar

Sopoti Cafe...

New town

Kufoi's, Pizza Erai

Antigone Fast Food Suflaç,

Suflaç at the Hotel One Restaurant

Modus Cafe – for coffee