( books larger concerts, theater plays, sporting events etc. you can book online or in any post office. if you book online you can have the tickets mailed to you or you can print out a confirmation and exchange it for a ticket at a billetnet office or at the scene.


( lists nature oriented events such as mushroom collection, geology tours, etc. many of the tours are free.

amusement parks

Denmark is teeming with amusement parks, and indeed features some of the most famous in world; Copenhagen's Tivoli is one of the oldest of such parks in world, and by Walt Disney's own admission a major source of inspiration for his own Disneyland. Also in Copenhagen, nestled among majestic beech trees Dyrehavsbakken is the worlds oldest operating amusement park, and both of these parks features some of the oldest still operating rollercoasters in the world dating back to 1914 and 1932 respectively, and both receiving the ACE Coaster Classic Award. Just as famous is Legoland in Billund, the largest and the oldest of the now global franchise, with its spectacular miniature LEGO sceneries the star attraction, and a good selection of thrill rides to entertain kids. And while outshined by its world famous rivals, there are four other major amusement parks in the country: Sommerland Sjælland (, Bonbonland (, Fårup Sommerland (http://www.faarupsommerla...), Djurs Sommerland (, and a host of smaller one.


With a 7400 kilometre coastline, almost the same as Brazil's and longer than India's, you are never far from a beach in Denmark. And each summer, particularly the west coast of Jutland, is subjected a veritable invasion of more than 13 million German tourists, usually in the many vacation homes dotting the coast from north to south. And while the weather can be tricky in Denmark, the beaches are world class, with unbroken white sand for miles to an end, if you are fortunate enough to run into sunny weather.

Music festivals

music festivals
Roskilde Festival

june/july ( - one of the big four rock festivals in europe, run by non-profit organisation. 80,000 tickets sold and more than 110,000 participants in roskilde.

music festivals
Skanderborg Festival

august ( - the 2nd largest rock festival with 45,000 participants, in a unique location inside a historic forest by the lake shore near skanderborg.

music festivals
Aarhus Festuge

august/september ( - 10 days of music and cultural events in the city of aarhus, with a different theme each year.

music festivals

Denmark has a long running and proud tradition in music festivals, dating back to the first Woodstock inspired Roskilde festival in 1972, they have become an all important fixture of the Danish summer, and there is one to fit almost every age and music preference going on between June and August, and with very impressive attendances considering the country's size. There are actually so many that listing each and everyone of them would be ridiculous, but some of the most important ones are:

music festivals
Skive Festival

previously skive beach party attracts nearly 20,000 spectators to skive every year, mainly features danish bands and attracts a mostly local crowd.

music festivals
Copenhagen Jazz Festival

july ( - one of the worlds top jazz festivals, with small and big concert all over the copenhagen, attracts over 20,000 spectators.

music festivals
Langelands Festival

july/august (http://www.langelandsfest...) - a family oriented festival on the island of langeland, 15,000 participants.

music festivals
Tønder Festival

august ( -a large folk and country music festival held in tã¸nder in south jutland.