Faroe Islands



At hotel fã¸royar. from the restaurant there is an excellent view over tã³rshavn. their cuisine offers faroese specialities as well as international cuisine. a typical faroese speciality is a dish of dried lamb, dried fish and whale blubber. the price is dkk 110,00.

Nólsoyar Páls gøta 13

Nice and small italian restaurant downtown.

Nan tong

In the town centre. the only chinese restaurant.


Just opened. a delicatessen and take-away. has great sushi, on account of the splendid local fish.


There is an increased number of restaurants in Tórshavn the capital, a few good ones are mentioned below. In general, though, there are very limited dining selections in Tórshavn. Outside Tórshavn, the quality and quantity of the restaurants declines greatly.

There is no McDonalds on the Faroes, but Burger King has arrived. In Tórshavn you can find fast food restaurants at the shopping centre SMS and City Burger is situated in the Town center.

All over the Faroes you will find gas-stations, Effo and Magn. Nearly every gas-station will serve fast-food, espescially sausages.

Most traditional Faroese cuisine involves meat, either lamb or fish. The traditional Faroese kitchen mainly owes its food traditions to the archipelago´s harsh climate. This is due to the fact that in earlier days the food culture on the islands was not very extensive. It is hard to find a Faroese dish on the menu of a restaurant, but it is possible at certain restaurants and hotels.

Distinctive Faroese foods include:

Wild seabirds fx puffins. The puffins are stuffed with cake and served with potatoes and wild berries

Skerpikjøt, dried mutton that has been hung for over a year and is eaten raw

Ræst kjøt, meat that has been hung for a couple of months to mature before cooking

Ræstur fiskur, dried fish that has been hung in the same way as ræstkjøt

Turrur fiskur, dried fish

Grind og spik, whale meat and blubber

Rhubarb since it is easy to cultivate