Faroe Islands

youth hostels

The youth Hostels of the Faroes are spread across the islands. The limited geographical size of the Faroes ensures that the next Youth Hostel is always well within one day’s walking distance allowing visitors to travel from one Youth Hostel to the next one at will.

Accommodation is mostly in 2 to 6 rooms of limited size but of good standard. There are few dormitory accommodations at the Faroese Youth Hostels, with one exception being at Bládýpi which has 2 dorms, as well as apartments. Most of the Youth Hostels don´t have a regular reception with daily opening hours, so be sure to make arrangements with your host by e-mail or phone before arriving at the hostel.

Prices vary slightly with the cheapest being around 200 DKK per night/person for adults. Variable discounts for children 2-11 years old. YHF members get a 20 DKK discount while groups get special discounts. Two of the most popular hostels here are Bládýpi and Skansin, and they can be reached at their website (http://www.hostel.fo/)