Beer, the most popular alcoholic beverage in Latvia, is excellent. Beers, such as Aldaris, Līvu, and Senču can be bought almost anywhere but local people are very proud about local small breweries, try Bauskas, Tervetes, Piebalgas and some other beer. A special 'live beer' like Užavas can be found in selected pubs and restaurants. Don't forget to try the locally distilled Black Balsam Rīgas Melnais Balzams. It's a strong 45% infusion of various herbs, roots, and spices. It will cure your flu in no time. Add a few drops to flavor your tea, or a few spoons to lace your coffee, or in various cocktails. By itself it can be a very strong beverage! Wine is also grown in Latvia in small quantities. It is one of the most Northern places in the world where the wine can be successfully grown. Vineyards can be seen in Sabile ( in Latvian.

Some possible places to have a sip:

Krodzins "Riva"

In jurkalne, could be seen from liepaja - ventspils highway, a small pub near a waterfall and a wooden bridge.

Raganas Kekis

( the name means "witches kitchen". located in ragana village which obviously means the "witch" in latvian, in the vidzeme region. you will see it if you travel to valmiera or limbazi by road.


Rossini, ( Near castle ruins and museum in Valmiera. Nice surroundings, serves Italian food. Don't visit this establishment if you're on budget.

It is common to tip 10% of the bill depending on the service you encountered. Make sure you check the receipt, as some establishments automatically include a 10% tip in the bill.