Finding an accommodation in Romania is very easy, for any price. In all the touristic places, as soon as you get to the train station several people will come to you asking whether you need an accommodation, or you can book it in advance. Those people welcoming you at the station often speak English, French and Italian. Moreover, while walking on the street, you will often find cazare on the houses, that means they will rent you a room in their own house. You'd better book an accommodation in the big cities Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov and Iasi, since it'll be quite hard to wander around looking for a place to sleep, but anywhere else you won't find any problem at all.

As with most countries it is often much cheaper to obtain accomodation directly with the hotel either in person or in advance via the internet rather than through booking agencies. An increasing number of even small hotels will accept reservations via the Internet. Search for the local official tourist guide websites which will have a list of hotels/bead and breakfasts, then enquire at that site: most have information in English, many have formal reservation webpages. Prices for Fourstar hotels are much the same as the rest of Europe,certainly in Bucuresti, whilst three star hotels and below can be a little cheaper. A feature of Romanian accomodation prices is that many bed and breakfast establishments without any hotel star rating are in fact as or even more expensive than two or three star hotels. Most appear to be more modern than rated hotels.

Rural tourism is relatively well developed in Romania. There is a national association of rural guesthouses owners, ANTREC ( who offer accommodations in over 900 localities throughout the country.