Visit the nearest chateau/castle - many are hundreds of years old, some preserved in a habitable state with period furnishings and many guided tours are offered.

Go hiking! - the entire Slovakia except flatlands is covered with hundreds of miles of extremely well-marked hiking trails, that especially in the national parks lead though gorgeous landscapes. Get the idea here.

Visit one of the traditional wooden churches (, they're unique to the region. These might not be readily accessible without a car, however.

Go spelunking - caves are interspersed around Slovakia and as many are open to general public they are some of the most accessible in the world. Many are UNESCO listed, including Dobsinska Ice Cave in Slovak Paradise, and Ochrinska Aragonite Cave, Domica, Jasovska Cave and Gombasek Cave all in Slovak Karst

Visit a local festival - in the early spring 'Fasiangy' Mardi Gras is celebrated, especially in the countryside, and in early autumn the end of the harvest period is celebrated in wine-producing regions. The part of the centre of the town will be closed and a traditional market available, mostly with local produce and handicrafts for sale and plenty to eat and drink. In bigger cities, similar Christmas markets open in December/around Christmas.

Ski and snowboard in the mountains, especially High Tatras and Low Tatras. Smaller ranges are also very suitable for cross-country skiing

Navigate down the rivers Váh or Dunajec on a raft through picturesque gorges. For a more gentle ride, raft down the Small Danube.

If you're into railway history or would like to spend a day romantically, Slovakia offers a number of phased-out railway tracks, which were once used for transporting wood, but now transport only tourists in cosy steam trains through forests and valleys. The best-preserved of them all is ČHŽ near the town of Brezno.

Slovakia is a member of the European Union so if you are a citizen of another member state, you can legally reside and work in Slovakia without restrictions. The most popular website for job listings is

Most Embassy offices will advise European Citizens as well. Average salary in 2009 was €750 a month. Best paid are IT experts with average salary over €1500 a month construction workers earn around €560 a month and waiters €340 a month.

If you are from outside the EU, you will need a visa to work in Slovakia, and it's best to contact your and/or Slovak embassy for more information. Teaching English as a second language is a popular work option. Note that unless you are applying for certain positions in international firms and similar organisations where English/German might do, you will probably need a working knowledge of Slovak for most other jobs.

Cultural events

cultural events
International Film Festival Artfilm

( - yearly in june/july in trenäianske teplice and trenäã­n.

cultural events
International Film Festival Cinematik

( - yearly in early september in pieå¡å¥any. young and relatively small film festival. accreditation for the whole festival is less than €7.

cultural events
International Film Festival Bratislava

( - forever in december.

cultural events

( - a event dedicated to japanese anime & manga, fantasy and scifi and its fans, but not only them! great atmosphere, friendly folk and lots of fun awaits you there. this events roots stretch back to 2004, when it was held in "sãºza" [ (] for the first time. now, once every year early in september bratislava enjoys the rush of fine individuals from all over europe to participate in this unique event. for the past 2 years, the location was moved to "istropolis" exhibition halls due to space constraints.

Music events

music events
Pohoda Music Festival

( - one of the biggest slovak music festivals. yearly in july in trenäã­n.

music events

( - one of the many local events you should definitely not miss. yearly twice in february and july in novã© zã¡mky. divided to winter and summer edition - we being held within the clubbing complex itself, while se being held open air at the city's so called "airport" just ask the locals for directions.